Whatsapp Hangs and Not Working- Here Is How to Fix It

WhatsApp application is created on the basis of programming language. Whenever any information is written or sent over WhatsApp, the programming language decodes it and thereby it responds which comes to us as a text, video or image, or anything accordingly.

Just like any hardware item which gets defected or damaged, the software also experiences certain blockage, or as we call it the software hangs or freezes. At such time, application based on such software does not work properly or even stops to work.


The similar is the case with the WhatsApp application. Often we have heard that people are complaining that their WhatsApp hangs a lot and is unable to work efficiently. Then the users might think about what should they do, as many users use WhatsApp for various important purposes. You may try GBWhatsApp if the official one is creating a lot of problems. But let us see how we can fix the hanging issue of WhatsApp.

Reasons for Hanging

There might be various reasons for your WhatsApp application being hanged. Some of them are discussed below:

  • You might be using an older version of WhatsApp.
  • Your actual problem might be in your device and not be on the application
  • Too much-cached memory might at times create problems.
  • Not enough storage space.
  • The WhatsApp application might be down for a while.
  • Your device is not on par with the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp not working

Ways to Fix WhatsApp Hanging Problems

Here are some ways in which you can fix your WhatsApp hanging problem.

  • The initial way is to restart your phone.
  • You can fix this problem by uninstalling the WhatsApp application and then again reinstalling it.
  • Turn on Sync on your device so that the WhatsApp application can be synced thoroughly.
  • Check if your account is not deleted by WhatsApp.
  • If your WhatsApp application is not updated then you can also update it.
  • From the settings menu, open apps and then open the WhatsApp application, from there you can clear your cache.
  • Clear the cache in your phone.

clear cache


Do not worry in case you have a hanging issue on WhatsApp. Your everyday tasks might come to halt for a few minutes but something from the above option will definitely work out for you. But remember if the application is down, you can’t help it. You will have to wait until it starts working again.

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