How To Freeze Your ‘Last Seen’ & Hide Your Online Status

Most of us run into the problem when we don’t want the other person to know that we opened WhatsApp but didn’t check out their message but “last seen” busted you, and you got caught and had a bad time with your boss or friends while avoiding their messages.

Now you have a solution. Follow this article to learn how you can freeze your ‘Last Seen’ on WhatsApp and Hide your Status. There are various methods you can follow to hide the last seen status and even your Online Status.

How To Freeze Your ‘Last Seen’& Hide Your Online Status

Using WhatsApp

There is an in-built feature in WhatsApp that allows privacy-focused users to hide their ‘last seen’ status. Here is how you can turn off your ‘last seen’ status-

  • Open WhatsAppWhatsApp
  • Click on the three-dot menu in the top right and go to Settings.
  • Go to Account
  • Click on Privacyprivacy
  • Click on ‘Last Seen’ and change it to nobodylast seen

Now nobody can see your last seen status. You can also change it to ‘My Contacts’, so only the people you have saved on your mobile can see if you are online.

Using GBWhatsApp

Disable your Online Status

GBWhatsApp is a third-party tool that allows us various features on WhatsApp. But this is unavailable on Playstore. If you want to use it, be careful as many websites can include malicious code in this WhatsApp. So, download it from a popular site only, and even then, we discourage using the Payments feature.

Here is how you can disable your online status using GBWhatsApp

  • Install GBWhatsApp and set it up with Chat Backup
  • Follow the previous instructions to hide your Last seen.
  • Open it, then click on the three-dot option on the top right.
  • Find the option “Hide Online Status” and then enable it.

Using this feature will stop showing the Online next to your name, so people would not be able to make out if you are online or not. Both your Online and Last seen functionality won’t be seen. You can turn them off to restore the default functionality.

Airplane Mode Method

If you switch to the Airplane mode and then start any conversation on WhatsApp, your last seen or typing status will not be visible to the receiver. The message will be sent to them after you turn off the airplane mode and they will not be able to see your updated last seen or online status.airplane mode


Freeze your Last Seen

You can also freeze your last scene. This way, only a specific time will appear in the place of your real last seen.

Here is how you can freeze your Last seen Status-

  • Open GBWhatsApp
  • First, make sure your Last seen status can be seen. Navigate to Three Dot > Settings > Accounts > Privacy > Last Seen.
  • After making sure it is visible, go to GBWhatsApp Privacy
  • Now find Hide Online Status and enable it.

They would be able to see your last seen at the moment you turned the Hide Online Status on.

Note: You can follow the same steps if you use GBWhatsApp for iPhone as well.


We discussed various methods to hide your Last Seen and your Online Status. It sometimes becomes important to hide the last seen due to various reasons. It might be a possibility that you are showing online to your contacts all day long but you are busy with work and in that case, they might feel ignored.

Another possibility can be, that you are chatting with someone late at night and you feel your parents or any relatives must not see your last seen. In such cases, it is best to hide it using one of these methods.

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